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We are a small and successful car wash and valeting company because we shine in smart, eco-friendly car cleaning technology. with highly qualified staff and responsibility, a company specialsing in car care, with branches in Germany, France, Italy and now in England.

Our team comes with a wealth of experience, not only in car washing and valeting professionalism and technical ability but also in customer service. Our aim is to revolutionise and lead the car wash business in the UK and deliver the very best for our customers by providing an enhanced experience and an unequalled service.


What makes our service better,

cleaner ,

smarter and brighter 


We are proud to present our mobile service, with specialists in clever, concentrated and convenient cleaning that produces better, more outstanding results, 

which includes every care for your car. 

Our product leaves a superb protective coating that not only creates a fantastic high gloss finish but also acts as a water and dirt repellant.  using some of the latest organic products, aimed to restoring and preserving the expensive interior trim and appearance of the car. 


Our services cover London and surrounding area. 


You don’t  need a physical contact for our service, there are enough instructions on , where and how we can access your car.

You can take registration in less than two minutes.

We also trying  to create a subscription that includes discounts .

The equipment is of great importance for professionalism, and for this we have equipped all teams with their own electrical network, and separate one ton tanks with specially filtered-distilled water. (We all know the traces of water droplets after washing, we do not have it, exactly for thus)

The products we use are well developed, the last word in cosmetics, and there is a guarantee in their use.

For us, the car is not only a daily necessity, but also a jewel, which is why we have specialist  in its smallest details .

Our service is highly recommended to traders because you receive your car in its original form.

Our connection with the various companies producing car cosmetics, gives us the opportunity and access to the use and application of disinfectant to combat COVID 19 naturally with special discounts for our regular customers and subscriptions.


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